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The translation of a text can be a more delicate matter than you would think. This is why we always try to collaborate as closely as possible with the client to make sure we resolve any doubts the translator may have about the source text, which could influence the quality of the final result. Also, the better the quality and accuracy of the source text, the better the target text will be. We are always thankful for the continuous collaborations via telephone, skype, email or even in person with the client, as this helps ensure the best possible result.

We translate all types of texts, such as PR material, contracts, legal documents, letters, websites, literary works, academic papers etc.

Text Translation
Text Composition


Do you need to write a text to be published somewhere, a contract or maybe a formal letter? We can help you, working closely together, to make sure the formality and the expressions are just right in the context and the target audience. If you need your text in more than one language we will naturally translate it and adapt it to the foreign audience.


We revise your texts in the language(s) you need, to avoid typos and grammatical errors. Furthermore we optimise the expressions and language used for the context and the audience. This revision is mostly relevant for publicity, contracts, letters and academic papers.

Global Business Solutions


This is a customised service, adapted to your company’s needs at any time, which apart from translation of contracts and marketing material, might include preparation for and support and interpretation in international fairs, meetings etc. anywhere in the world. These services are tailor made, so we can help you at a simple business meeting or a telephone call, or we can organise the communication of a whole business transaction or help you maintain a lasting relationship with a foreign partner. Whatever your need may be, we have the solution!

This service is highly attractive to companies looking to set out on an export adventure, where we will take you by the hand to discover a new and unknown culture where your business can prosper and grow. For this reason the cultural counselling we offer is another important factor, as the culture of a country may very well influence on how to deal with and plan a marketing strategy, or how to address a potential foreign business partner. In this area we give you advice on how to act, speak etc. in certain situations, and we help you to understand the behaviour of the other party.