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MKTranslations is based on the desire to offer quick, personal and competitive services to our clients, with the quality of our work always as the centre of attention. Our primary line of services is translation and text editing between the Nordic languages (Danish, Swedish and Norwegian), Spanish, English and German, and we offer sworn translations from English to Spanish.

A groundbreaking and very attractive service we offer is the Global Business Solutions, which basically consist in everything you can think of concerning languages and communications for you business. Apart from translating and adapting your texts and other material to a foreign market, we also prepare you and your employees for, and accompany you at international trade fairs, meetings of all types, etc., anywhere in the world! This service is primarily aimed at businesses which want to set out on an export adventure, where we will take you by the hand and guide you safely to discover a new market with its culture, business customs and all that this implies.


Mette Kristiansen

Born Denmark, but residing in Spain for the last decade. With my bachelor’s degree in Business Languages and International Business Communications from the Business School of Aarhus University in Denmark and a Masters Degree in English Studies from the University of Almería I have always had a passion for languages and communications. The last few years I have taught English at all levels, primarily to adult Spaniards, and this experience has given me an even more profound comprehension of both English and Spanish language.

My level of English is proven by obtaining the “Certificate of Proficiency in English” from Cambridge University, equivalent to the level of C2 in the Common European Framework (CEF), the most advanced qualification, considered an extremely high level. I achieved this certificate in December of 2012, with the highest mark, an A.

At an age of 29 I’ve live for almost 10 of them in Almería, in the south-east of Spain. This experience has given me a great understanding of the Spanish culture and mentality, knowledge which I apply in my translations to and from Spanish to make them as accurate and nuanced as possible.